How Network Security works for small businesses

How Network Security works for small businesses

Small businesses are often targeted to attacks. Attacks don’t always come from the outlaw but even the government sometimes overloads them in taxes which causes many businesses to go bankrupt every year.

Owners of a small business often think that being small means that you are out of the risk, but their main risk is a cyber attack which ironically is also the only aspect which they don’t even protect themselves.
The percentages of small businesses being victims of cyber crimes are high and this comes because small business most often doesn’t secure their data. It is a must that every small business should secure their data immediately since they are always the easiest target of cybercrimes. Follow these 5 tips for securing your data:

1. Inform employees

Many of you may ask how an employee can be a factor in a cyber attack, well it can. A staff member can forget their account opened in a shared electronic device, can download the wrong files since he is not well informed which can be malicious and which can’t. Most common of them all is the phishing scams which most people fall for.
Informing your employees, it costs nothing it is vital to the security of your business before it is too late.

2. Update software

When you don’t update your software’s, your cyber enemies just made a step ahead of you. Leaving software’s that are used in your daily job shifts not up to date, make it easier for cyber attacks, because older versions are pretty easy to be hacked, since they have been sometime in the market and their week points have been discovered.

3. Make your Wi-Fi secure

When you need to hack a business, you will first start from their wi-fi since it is the portal to all their online data. Also, usually wi-fi is password protected but still anyone can use it, especially in bars and coffee shops.
What you should do, is to first make sure that your firewall is working fine and if you are not using it, you absolutely should. Secondly, you need to make sure that all your data passing through the network is protected by encryption.

4. VPN

What is VPN? For those who don’t know what VPN is, it very important to read it here. Virtual Private Network or as we call it VPN is a protection filter for your network. If you use your business data in public networks VPN makes sure encrypt it and make it not noticeable.

5. Safe practices

Most of the businesses use a cloud database, but the mistake here is that they also surrender their protected to cloud services which makes them vulnerable and not protected.
Cloud database is not a security threat only to small businesses, but to any size, if the protection is neglected you will sooner or later be a victim of a hacker.

These 5 tips on how to secure your business have a simple and only objective to help you be more careful since in the past and every year a lot of small businesses are falling for simple baits. If you employ a specialist for the security of your network they will probably help you out with all these tips and keep your business safe.