Do only Fortune 500 companies need to be concerned about network security? Think again. Think about the sensitive nature of a law firm’s files, a medical practice’s database, an ad or PR firm’s email log, or any business’s accounting records. A high–speed connection to the Internet can provide equally fast access to the valuable data stored on any company’s local area network (LAN). Not to mention that: commercial espionage is a real and growing threat, network downtime costs big money; unprotected organizations often become unwitting accomplices in attacks on others; without adequate security- e-commerce can fast become a liability.

  • commercial espionage is a real and growing threat;
  • network downtime costs big money;
  • unprotected organizations often become unwitting accomplices in attacks on others;
  • without adequate security- e-commerce can fast become a liability.

Privacy and Security

We understand your concern about using the Internet is the right to privacy and security. Healthcare organizations and clearinghouses who process claims, and are covered entities-will be significantly impacted by HIPAA regulations, some of which have already been enacted. We have found that working together with SecureWorks we are able to help make your complaint with HIPAA’s electronic transmission and security regulations by conforming to alarm, audit trail, event reporting and security configuration management guidelines and audit trails.

Why SecureWorks?

All enterprises – not just the largest – urgently need network security. But many organizations can’t afford an in–house staff of network security specialists. With SecureWorks’ intrusion prevention service, they don’t need one. SecureWorks provides:

  • a team of security experts ready to intervene or investigate at any hour of the day or night;
  • a real-time response to potential attacks (not just passive monitoring of log files);
  • an unobtrusive monitoring technology that doesn’t slow the network or interfere with communications;
  • a simple installation procedure;
  • an easy, Web-based interface that allows customers to modify firewall parameters;
  • an open, Linux–based system: which means new attack types can be identified and protected against within hours, not weeks.

Unique among Internet security solutions, SecureWorks not only monitors for network attacks but also responds in real time to prevent such attacks from affecting customer networks. Our ability to do this depends on 1) patent–pending monitoring and communication process, and 2) highly trained security specialists on duty 24 hours a day.

Every data packet that passes between the Internet and the customer network is monitored for a potential attack by the unique iSensor. The iSensor is an Internet appliance that communicates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with security specialists in our Internet Monitored Security Center (IMSC). Selecting SecureWorks’ monitoring service is like hiring an entire team of network security specialists, at the action of the cost.

What does SecureWorks do?

SecureWorks’ service can be compared to a home alarm service, in which detectors are placed at entry points and monitored around the clock at a remote centre. But a home alarm service can’t actually prevent a determined intruder from climbing in a window; it can only send notice that something bad may have happened. SecureWorks does much more – literally stopping network intruders in their tracks, and even providing the tools and human expertise to follow their trail.

Once the iSensor is installed between the Internet connection and the network, SecureWorks monitors iSensor transmissions 24 hours a day from our Atlanta–based Security Operations Center (SOC). When a high severity alert is triggered, the iSensor can automatically block the attack. Security experts at the SOC then take immediate action, investigating the cause of the alert and making sure the network is safe. They notify the customer of their activities while managing the problem through resolution. In most cases, the customer is able to continue business as usual.

The iSensor security appliance is a key component of SecureWorks’ dynamic, 24 x 7 security monitoring and response service. Installed between the customer’s local area network (LAN) and Internet connection, the iSensor provides intelligent network activity monitoring and allows SecureWorks monitoring centre experts to examine and respond to security threats.

The iSensor’s advanced design makes the device transparent to normal network traffic while monitoring for security threats. The integrated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) enables the iSensor to continually check traffic for a variety of potential intrusions, including port scans, viruses and denial of service (DoS) attacks. The IDS monitors for telltale signs of security violations by checking against known “attack signatures”, data sequences that can be matched against a database of known attack types. Hundreds of attack signatures are stored in the iSensor’s internal database and the list is automatically updated as new signatures are discovered.

The built-in firewall implements packet filtering, which tracks state information across multiple packets to put information into context. This technique is key to differentiating between real threats and data that coincidentally matches an attack signature.

For complete iSensor technical details, take a look at the iSensor Technical Specifications.