The ViewStation™ – the new standard in video communications

FX group video conferencing system from Polycom ® delivers the highest performance to meet the most demanding video communication needs for conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms and custom conferencing facilities. ViewStation FX delivers TV-quality video for lifelike conferencing interaction while fully supporting the H.263 video standard and the new 60 fields/ second ITU standard. Additionally, ViewStation FX provides Polycom market-leading audio technology for maximum clarity in large conference rooms by utilizing the G.722.1 industry audio standard for full, rich wideband audio.

ViewStation FX is as powerful as it is easy to use. FX contains an embedded four-port MCU which leads the industry for easy, on-demand multipoint conferencing. Up to four sites can participate at 384 Kbps video for a continuous presence, voice-activated or a chair control call (H.320) using the one-button address book dialling. While in a video call, a telephone participant can easily be added. Need to add more video and audio participants, but don’t have access to a bridge? No problem. Each of the second-level ViewStation FX units in a four-site multipoint call can call up to two more videos and one audio site. This second-level cascading feature means that up to ten total video and four total audio sites can participate in the call using the built-in MCU. All these features combine to make the FX a powerful and easy-to-use meeting tool. Ultimate ease and flexibility. Whether in the boardroom, conference room or classroom, ViewStation FX offers powerful performance in an easy-to-use set-top system for today’s demanding meeting environments.

iPOWER system – The ultimate collaboration solution

Imagine the most powerful and flexible collaboration system – One where you and your distant colleagues sit around the table sharing data, watching expressions, building consensus – yes, even having arguments if you must – as you reach an agreement, make plans and take decisions together. Enjoy feature-rich collaboration without the unnatural gaps, pauses and worries of traditional video conferencing. The iPower 900 Series’ amazing quantity makes even simple calls noticeably better and really shines when the situation calls for more complex teamwork. Whatever your needs and meeting style, the PictureTel 900 Series brings dramatic improvements in communication, productivity and effectiveness. Make the technology work for you. iPower, a new PC-based collaboration architecture developed by PictureTel and Intel, imitates how real groups work, face to face. From the start, iPower was designed to support seeing, hearing and sharing – with information coming from a laptop, a local network, the Web or other devices like document cameras. Integrate whatever you need into the discussion quickly and easily, so you can all focus on the content of the meeting, not the technology. Of course, if everyone is in the same room, you can still use the iPower 900 Series off the call. Access information from the system itself or simply plug in your laptop and share your files. Easy to use with ultimate performance. The iPower 900 Series is packed with features.